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1:1 Coaching

Uncover values, needs and motivators. Create visions, establish goals and use your Roadmap to achieve them.

Employer-sponsored programs are available, designed to nurture executives and emerging leaders.


Speaking + Workshops

Group workshops available on: 


Connecting with Your Future Self 

Achievement Dysmorphia 

Paying Down Stress Debt 

Negotiating with Confidence

Difficult Conversations


Group Coaching

Programs designed for groups of 4-8.


Participants have access to the same tools and process as private coaching, while lowering the cost per person and adding the support of a like-minded group. Groups are self-formed.

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Personal Narratives

Feel confident telling your story in any room. 


As part of every coaching engagement, we'll focus on your personal narrative. Too often, we avoid building a narrative that's concise, memorable, and easy for us to share. It's vital for your success to have good stories because humans are involved in every corner of your career. Humans make decisions based on their emotions, and stories drive emotions. 

Together, we'll uncover the through-line of your career story, whether you have a linear or mosaic background, and construct new narratives that steer you more effectively towards your next chapter. This is particularly helpful for: 

  • your “tell me about yourself" pitch

  • strategic networking conversations 

  • interviewing 

  • difficult conversations, including resignations and exit planning

  • negotiating for new roles or renegotiating an existing role 

  • and so much more!

Personal Branding
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