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With 15+ years of experience across global enterprise and startup environments—rising to a VP of Marketing and building teams that grow companies—I empower executives to capitalize on their unique stories and innate strengths, cut through complex challenges, and amplify performance.

My early success throughout my corporate career enabled me to quickly rise through the ranks from high-potential to leadership roles, where I spearheaded high-performing teams and forged strategic partnerships with C-suite executives, business function leaders, and boards of directors. My background as a marketing executive honed my superpower of message-excavating, where IM can quickly distill vast information into concise stories, processes, and narratives.


My involvement in large corporate transactions gave me experience in complex corporate settings and people dynamics. From supporting an IPO from SEC filing to ringing the bell on opening day, to being a key member of the acquisition and integration team for 8-9 figure transactions, I've consistently delivered results in demanding environments. 

Leveraging my experience, I coached dozens of global C-suite executives on personal branding, storytelling, stage presence, and delivering memorable presentations to audiences of thousands before launching my own business in 2019. My clients span Fortune 500 corporations, startups, and nonprofits, and I specialize in working with executives and teams to enhance leadership skills and executive presence.


My services include: 

  • private and company-sponsored 1:1 coaching

  • team coaching

  • offsite design and facilitation

  • multi-faceted professional development programs

  • trainings and workshops

“Outcomes of my work with Jaime are an increased presence and confidence, working on issues of dynamics within my team, and supporting me to advocate for myself with leaders of our organization. In the past two years, my position evolved and I had the opportunity to more than quadruple our all-remote team. Jaime helps me work through understanding my style as a leader, designs group programs for  my managers, and facilitates workshops for the entire team, lifting the need for expert professional development from my workload.” - VP, Underwriters Laboratories

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