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My Story


Hi, I'm Jaime!

I used to think I had my career all figured out. I was tagged as a high potential before I was 25. I was a Director by 27 and a Vice President by 30. The next milestone: CMO by 35 and I was on track. On the outside, everything looked good. On the inside, I felt miserable. Unable to find reasons to justify my lack of fulfillment, I continued following the plan I designed for myself more than a decade prior. 


In my mid 30s, a growing pain in my hips became unbearable. I learned from an orthopedic surgeon that I had severe damage in both of my hips and any pain relief would require TWO surgeries. Shortly after this news, I abruptly lost my high-paying executive job. These setbacks were not part of my plan, but I felt relieved. I was working around the clock. Not sleeping. Zero time for meaningful connections. Declining health. Plan or not, this was not the life I wanted. 


Shortly before losing my job, I joined a women’s executive networking community that centered itself around coaching and development. This is where I found a book called The Genius Habit, which illuminated the intersection of my motivators, values and purpose. It also solidified that I was already a coach and I could use my skills to help others navigate towards more meaningful careers. I completed my coaching certification program through iPEC, launched my coaching practice during the pandemic, and have been helping professionals better understand themselves and redefine their careers ever since.


I am not the same person I was when I made my plan - and I’ve learned how powerful it can be to let go of plans. Interestingly (or not), my hip pain has almost completely subsided without surgery. When I turned a hard situation into a healing and growth opportunity, the rest of the challenges in my life seemed to follow suit. I believe that anyone can do the same - a coach is simply a supportive partner to help the journey feel more within reach.


I currently offer private 1:1 coaching, company-sponsored programs, workshops and group coaching. I was also hired by the author of the Genius Habit, Laura Garnett, who trained me on her methodology to help more people uncover their unique genius and value. You can read more about the work I do with here here


What’s next: I am researching and writing a book on reemerging after periods of massive transformation. Exploring ways to productively interact with others who aren’t focused on growth, I seek to find ways to ensure you get what you need without sacrificing your new identity. Expected publication date is Spring 2022 - stay tuned for more!

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