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  • Who is coaching for?
    Everyone can benefit from a coach - even coaches have coaches! Having a partner to help carve out a path can help you get to where you want to go faster - whether that be starting or growing a business, career transitions, embracing a new leadership role or general self-development. Coaching is for anyone ready and willing to learn from feedback, make space for reflection, design their future and work to transform.
  • Is coaching similar to therapy?
    Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, which focuses more on your past and healing traumas. On the opposite end of the spectrum is consulting, where an expert is paid to advise you on what to do. Coaching sits somewhere in the middle, focusing on the present and future, partnering with you to uncover more about who you are and how you communicate, what you want and what you need to do to get there.
  • How do I know if a coach is a good fit for me?
    When looking for a coach, ask questions about their coaching style. Seek to understand their process and how they provide feedback (some like it a little sweet, some like to rip the bandaid off). Ask questions about their client success stories and how they provide unique value. I personally offer a complimentary session with all of my prospective clients to ensure it's a fit for both sides. I also do not focus on a specific age, role or industry. Instead, I look for clients who have the psychological demographics that align with my coaching style, to ensure they're able to get what they need during our time together. You should feel chemistry with your coach and you should be excited to work with them. If either of those is missing, keep looking!
  • Is coaching worth the investment?
    When people struggle to invest or manage their money, they often work with a financial planner. When people are unhappy with their results at a gym, they often hire a personal trainer. Coaching is no different. It's an investment in yourself (the best kind!), where you're committing to your future and giving yourself the tools to be as successful as possible. I tend to live by the rule - if I was going to do it with the resources I currently have in front of me, I would have done it by now. When you feel stuck or in a loop, it can be supremely helpful to get help and support to move forward.
  • How long should a coaching engagement last?
    That's entirely up to the client. Most of my 1:1 clients end up working with me for 3-6 months. Sometimes you get what you need to gain momentum in just as little as 3 months, but some clients prefer to spread the work out longer. Whenever a client finishes, I'm always here for a quick "tune up" if they want to come back to strategize about a future challenge.
  • How is Jaime's approach unique?
    Every coach is different and provides a unique style. My process is best described as creating a space for vulnerability and accountability, using structured foundation to create results. First we'll reflect on your career history - the highs and lows - to better understand who you are and what motivates you. Then we'll create a vision for where you want to go, which will inform the goals we work towards together. We'll create a personalize roadmap to get there - and then it's time to block and tackle.
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