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Available for speaking, facilitating, and workshops for Employee Resource Groups, leadership conferences, and team-building events.

Most in-demand workshops include: 

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Facing Achievement Dysmorphia

Achievement Dysmorphia is not imposter syndrome; it's internal resistance to acknowledging and celebrating your success. We create a skewed perception and subconsciously twist our realities, limiting our brain's ability to ideate future possibilities.
During this workshop, we’ll review this original concept and how it creeps into our lives. Participants are guided through an exercise to unravel it and leave with journal prompts to continue explorin. 

Building Compelling Narratives

Feeling confident in articulating your narrative isn’t easy. It can be your most powerful tool, but a lack of a narrative can hold you back or prevent connection with your work.
In this interactive workshop, we'll discuss the hurdles we face and what makes a compelling story. We’ll break down a couple of narrative formats, and participants will be guided through an exercise to draft a new one that reflects their value and supports building a new chapter. 

Paying Down Stress Debt

Stress is both an emotional and physical experience. Each of us lives with stress buildup inside our bodies, similar to debt with compounding interest.
During this workshop, we’ll review the science and physicality of stress, discussing what happens when it manifests in our bodies. We’ll discuss tools to increase stress awareness, and participants will build their own “stress debt ritual” to practice reducing lingering physical stress.


with Your

Future Self

In a world designed for goal-setting and high achievers, we often get so wrapped up in what we do, we forget who we want to be when we get there.
During this workshop, we’ll discuss the concept of Future Self work and explore supporting neuroscience research to uncover the importance of forward-thinking. Included is a guided 20-minute meditation, where participants will visualize having a conversation with a version of themselves in the future.
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Personal Narratives

Feel confident telling your story in any room. 


As part of every coaching engagement, we'll focus on your personal narrative. Too often, we avoid building a narrative that's concise, memorable, and easy for us to share. It's vital for your success to have good stories because humans are involved in every corner of your career. Humans make decisions based on their emotions, and stories drive emotions. 

Together, we'll uncover the through-line of your career story, whether you have a linear or mosaic background, and construct new narratives that steer you more effectively towards your next chapter. This is particularly helpful for: 

  • your “tell me about yourself" pitch

  • strategic networking conversations 

  • interviewing 

  • difficult conversations, including resignations and exit planning

  • negotiating for new roles or renegotiating an existing role 

  • and so much more!

Personal Branding
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