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Have you focused so much on what you want to achieve, you've forgetten

who you want to be

when you get there?

Feeling stuck is normal.
You are not the problem, but you are the solution.


Executive Coaching with Jaime

I am a former B2B Tech marketing executive. After reaching a severe burnout stage, I exited corporate America and launched two businesses.


Today, I am an ACC-certified coach, working with executives and emerging executives to capitalize on their unique stories and innate strengths, create systems among complexity, and raise performance standards. 


My Typical engagements often explore: 

  • achievement dysmorphia (an original concept)

  • shedding skins of previous roles or identities

  • communication, storytelling, and influence

  • energy alignment

  • personal branding


It's crucial to find a good match in a coach. Three unique things about me and my style: 


  1. My superpower is message excavating. I distill a ton of information into a simplified message or process and reflect that back to you. 

  2. I am a relentless connector. This means my brain is always looking for resources, relationships, tools, and other recommendations for every client journey.

  3. I am an entrepreneur and I've led teams in both enterprise and startup environments. I understand the nuances and challenges of each, making me an excellent sounding board. 

I'd love to hear from you!

Working Together

Engagements are customized to suit client needs, but the foundational work follows my proprietary Roadmap method outlined below.


We look back at the highs and lows of your career to find patterns in your motivators and values.  We outline your energetic landscape to identify your current energy drains.


We leverage new insights to build visions for your future

and establish what you want the next phase of your career and life to look like.


Using your visions to inform 12-month goals, we create a personalized Roadmap with small, actionable steps and deadlines.


Using your Roadmap as a guide, we partner together to create the momentum needed to accomplish your goals, tackling any barriers as they arise. 

New to coaching?

Check out my FAQs to learn more. 

Alison, CEO

After struggling with corporate America burnout, Jaime challenged me to face personal hurdles with scarcity mindset and owning my professional worth. She helped me shine a light on the limitless opportunities available to me, if I shifted my thinking. An expert in uncovering purpose through the power of meaningful productivity—how to structure each day for success— Jaime helps you craft a balanced personal & professional life.

Amanda, Chief of Staff

Jaime has been a true partner in helping me shift my thinking and challenging me in a healthy, fun, way to face my fears and walk in confidence. I’ve grown exponentially because of her methods, coaching, and presence. It feels amazing to boss up and own it, all thanks to her guidance. Limitless possibilities is what you can expect when working with Jaime.

Kathryn, Creative Producer

Jaime has been an invaluable resource and asset to tackling my [once] unmanageable debt. Unsure how to conquer the mountain I was facing, Jaime helped me overcome money mindset limitations and map out a plan for my specific goals and challenges, which enabled me to not only “climb the mountain,” but do so faster than I could have ever imagined.  

What clients are saying

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